Monday evening we celebrated the Passover. This year 28 people gathered around our table, including a mixture of family, Israelis, Germans, as well as representatives from India, Poland and the United States. One of our guests was Nahum, a middle aged Israeli medical doctor who recently came to faith in Yeshua as the Messiah. After the Seder…  to continue reading on line

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Merry Christmas!

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior…

fullsizerender-3God is amazing! My heart has been mulling over the intertwining thoughts of what He promised to Eve in the garden and how over all the years He had been working out His plan to perfection. I’ve been thinking about what Gabriel said to Mary and how she knew exactly what he was talking about! She would bear the Messiah! And she was willing to be available and to bear the inconvenience of doing what God called her to do. Inconvenience is a mild word compared to what it cost her. Yet she was available to put her dreams and pride aside … and take part in God’s plan … and her soul sang!

We pray that we would be available to be inconvenienced so as to take part in God’s plan as He continues to work out His promises.

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Litle Family

the Litle Family – that’s what it says in very beautiful calligraphy… on the envelope of a thank you note from some guests… lovely.

One of the perks of a revolving door at the entrance of your home is that you meet people, have conversations and see God’s hand working in so many different forms that you would never have dreamed. After a full week of work and people, I often think of this as I am crashing into bed or contemplating a decision regarding another guest coming for dinner or overnight….

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